Paul_S (UK)

I live in Ashford (Kent) and have owned my car from new.  Previously, I owned a Sunset (orange) Nissan 350Z and always said I would never change it.  Then, one day at the Goodwood Festival of Speed I saw this:

When I finally decided I couldn't do without a 370Z in my life, I went to my dealer and asked if there were any yellow ones left.  There was, and they were due to arrive in the country the following week!  Needless to say, a deal was struck.

Mine was delivered to my local dealer (KAP) on 8th October 2009.  Here it is - fresh off the car transporter (still with it's protective plastics on!)

This is the car in the KAP 'handover bay' on 16th October 2009 - the day I collected it.

Delivery mileage

...and it's all mine!

So that night I went off to the local to celebrate.  In the morning I took these pictures of the car in its new home.

This is my first mod - a membership sticker!