Yellow 370Z's around the world

The yellow 370Z started to roll off the Tochigi (Japan) production line along with the other original colours at the beginning of 2009.

The 370Z was first available in the USA, ahead of the rest of the world, and the ‘Chicane yellow’ cars were available from day one as a cost-option. 

8 months after the USA launch, the 370Z became available in Europe.  It had already been decided that the yellow cars would be coming to the end of the production run and there was only two months production time left.  Realising the timescales, Nissan decided in advance to sell the yellow cars as a limited edition with a fixed number of cars for each country.  The UK was allocated 40 cars and Germany 80.

Each country had their own name for the solid yellow (very retro!) paint but they all share the same Nissan paint code 'EAC'.  Because the cars were all produced together but then shipped around the world in a random order, each country does not have consecutive VINs (chassis numbers). 


Other than the colour, the American ‘Chicane yellow’ 370Z was no different to any other model in the US.  There was an additional cost of $500 for the yellow paint but the cars were sold with the standard set of options and no extras.  They were not limited in number as such, but the colour was only available for a limited period of time.


In the UK, the colour was called ‘Ultimate yellow’ - as apposed to ‘Ultra yellow’ for the 350Z GT4 cars.  The cars were limited to 40 in number and had a series of differences from the other models.  See here for full details.

The cars went on sale in September 2009 for £31,650 (manual) or £33,050 (automatic).

If you need a spare set of decals for your car then they can be purchased from a seller on ebay UK and are available in a series of different colours.  I cannot vouch for the quality of these decals or how close they look to the original Nissan ones as I have not seen them in person.  I suspect the official decals from Nissan would be difficult to source and would certainly cost a lot more.


The German yellow 370Zs were the most special of all.  The car was called the “Nurburgring Edition” and it took Tobi at Nissan approximately 5 years to negotiate naming rights!  It was launched to honour the opening of the Sportscar Center at the Nurburgring (see below) and the participation of a yellow 370Z in the Nurburgring 24h Race.

In addition to the GT specification, the cars also included:

  • > Exterior decals “370Z” on the side (a different design from the UK cars) and a Nurburgring logo sticker on the rear
  • > Interior plaque individually numbered from 1 to 80
  • > 19” OZ “Superleggera” wheels running Dunlop tyres
  • > 18” Original factory fitted wheels on special Dunlop winter tyres
  • > Exhaust muffler for better sound
  • > Ring Card worth 150 EUR to be used on the Sportscar Center or the Nurburgring (e.g. drive on the Nordschleife or buy merchandise)

Because of all these extras, the German public were charged EUR 50,400 for the privilege of owning the car.