Yellow 370Z's around the world

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The UK 'Ultimate Yellow' Nissan 370Z

Nissan launched the special edition UK Ultimate Yellow 370Z in 2009.

Just 40 yellow cars were imported into the UK and the special 370Z side decals were fitted once they arrived in the UK, before they were shipped to the dealers.

The paint is a flat yellow (very retro!) and is called 'Ultimate Yellow' by Nissan in the UK.  

The German Yellow 370Z

Germany also has a limited yellow 'Nurburgring Edition' (80 cars) but their decals have a different look.

If you search the web for photos of the German car you will find a lot have been taken from the original one posted here on

The North American (USA) Yellow 370Z

The yellow car was a cost-option In the USA and they called it 'Chicane Yellow'.   There were no limited numbers and there was no side decal.

Similarities between the countries

All the 370Z's were built in Japan and they share the same Nissan paint code 'EAC'.  

The cars were all produced together but then shipped around the world at random, so each country does not have consecutive VINs (chassis numbers).  

Although the cars were are limited in numbers in the UK and Germany, none of the cars are uniquely numbered (in the same way the 40th Edition cars were).